Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Buds

We have many play days ahead with these two. We've already apologized to all of our neighbors in advance for whatever these boys do in the future. They are just so cute together!

1st Busted Lip

While Mary Mason was enjoying her 1st day of school, I brought Stratton home where he played outside for 3 hours with our dog Sam and had so much fun until this happened. He was running as usual (the child does not walk anywhere), when he tripped and fell flat on his face on the concrete. Right above his upper lip was so swollen and torn up. He cried for about 30 seconds before he started digging in the dirt again. He's tough!!

1st Day of School

Mary Mason started school on Aug 11 :) She was so excited!!! She has such a cute class, and a wonderful teacher. She went right in and sat down with her best friend Allie Harris and waved bye to me. I thought I was going to cry, but I held it together. Stratton on the other hand fell apart when he had to leave. I'm not sure if it was leaving MM, or the new toys he had found...it was definitely leaving sissy.

So Sweet

Mason Grandmother "Gran" came over and ate with us a few weeks ago. The kids absolutly love her. She was so sweet: 1st she read to them, and then MM read to everyone (her version was very different, but interesting)

Slippin Slide

While Stratton watched on the sidelines...

Mary Mason was busy slippin sliding!! Some of the kids down the street got theirs out and they had so much fun!! They were covered in grass and bubbles but having a great time :)


Stratton LOVES trains. One day, he stayed outside all afternoon and kept lining his toys up from biggest to smallest to look like a train. Of course right when he would get them just how he wanted them, Mary Mason would run through and mess them all up, but he was happy to start all over again.

Swimming Lessons

Mary Mason took swimming lessons for the first time this summer. She did great thanks to Mrs. Harriet!!! I'm not sure why, but my videos wouldn't download, so here are a few pics of her. Wearing goggles and putting her face in the water were a HUGE deal, so we're very proud of her.