Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter was a wonderful day. We went to church and then to eat with Mason's family. I tried my hardest to get both the kids to cooperate for pics before we left, but y'all know how that goes. Stratton had a great time posing and showing off, but Mary Mason didn't want to have anything to do with sitting still and smiling. I got a few cute ones. I smile everytime I look at him b/c he always has the sweetest grin, and that dimple gets me every time.

The Dress

Okay, so I absolutly LOVE to dress Mary Mason up, and holidays are my favorite. I loved her Easter dress so much, I didn't want her to wear it because I was scared she would mess it up. She of course looked so pretty in it, and I can't wait for her to wear it again. I thought it deserved it's own title & picture on the blog. Stratton looked adorable too, but there is just something special about a little girls dress!

Easter Eggs

Mary Mason dyed easter eggs for the first time this year. We did it on Friday and almost got blown away. She had such a good time doing it. She had a crayon to draw in the eggs, but it didn't work, so she stuck some of her stickers on them. They turned out so cute.

Potty Trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to say that Mary Mason has been 100% potty trained for about a month now. She is wearing her big girl panties all day and all night and is yet to have an accident. I am such a proud mama!! She loves to sit on her potty and look at her books. Here are a few pics of my mom reading to her in the early days of her using her potty.

spring day

playing outside on a warm spring day. finally!!! the warm weather is here!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

stay tuned

So, I sat down tonight to download pictures and FINALLY update the blog. 1 problem: I can't find my cord for the computer so I can't download. We only have like 25 USB cords in the house, and of course none of them fit in my camera. Anyway, I'm heading to Radio Shack tomorrow, so hopefully I will be ready to roll tomorrow night (that is if I actually have another night with a few minutes to spare before I crash into bed!). Stay tuned.......