Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ride Home

The kids were so worn out after spending the afternoon at the lake, they passed out on the way home. We need to do this everyday!

The Lake

Ann and Rusty called and invited us to go to the lake with them on Sunday (I still can't believe they went the day after the wedding). Mary Mason and Stratton both had such a great time. Since the pool at the Club was closed, this was a great idea to wear the kids out. Thanks Ruscoes!!


Mary Mason had such a good time dancing at the reception!!

Wedding Day

Mary Mason was the flower girl in Rhett and Cassie's wedding this past Saturday. Of course she wouldn't take any pictures for me, but these are a few that I got. She did much better for the photographer when I wasn't in the room. Cassie looked beautiful, and it was such a fun weekend!


Stratton is amazed by any kind of machinery, especially lawn mowers. This is Stratton watching Rusty mow the yard next to us. He sat like this for about 20 minutes, and if you got in front of him he got so mad. He's so cute!!

Doctor's Appt

We finally made it to Stratton's 9 month checkup (2 weeks late), and he did great!! He is 31 inches and weighed in at 21 lbs. After an afternoon of running errands in Memphis, he slept all the way home.